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  • Do you ship abroad?
    We do ship to Rodrigues and Reunion Island. There is a plan to ship worldwide in the near future.
  • What do you mean by Unique or Limited Edition?
    All our products are created for specific audience who are more interested in having a 'unique' or limited design clothing. Unique is the opportunity of being the only one in the world having a specific design. This can happen by contacting us and requesting for a unique design. Condition for Unique Design - Takes more time - The cost will be higher Limited Edition is more about creating a design which is available for only 1 to 3 people in the world. This is our normal collection which is released during specific dates.
  • Requesting for a OUT OF STOCK design
    You can request for a product which has been out of stock and we will do the necessary for you to have it when the next collection is out. Condition -Can take more time -Cost will be higher
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