Personalised Design?

Yes , we do provide personalised design on request. Just send us a message and we will respond to your need.

What do you mean by Unique or Limited Edition?

All our products are created for specific audience who are more interested in having a 'unique' or limited design clothing. Unique is the opportunity of being the only one in the world having a specific design. This can happen by contacting us and requesting for a unique design. Condition for Unique Design - Takes more time - The cost will be higher Limited Edition is more about creating a design which is available for only 1 to 3 people in the world. This is our normal collection which is released during specific dates.

Requesting for a OUT OF STOCK design

You can request for a product which has been out of stock and we will do the necessary for you to have it when the next collection is out. Condition -Can take more time -Cost will be higher